Earthquake Activity-Updated February 6, 2014

ImageThere is now an increased chance for major earthquake activity in parts of the world at least within these next 2 to 3 weeks. A magnitude 7-7.9 or bigger is a higher probability for the world’s most tectonically active regions of this time. Greece has been more active just recently, so it’s included among the places that could get a magnitude 7 or greater earthquake at any time. Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Southwestern Pacific Ring of Fire are also more likely as they tend to be among the most active regions in the world. New Zealand may have something going on once again as well as the Balleny Islands. Guam, the Philippines, the Mariana Islands, Japan, Taiwan, Northeastern Russia might have something any time-at least one of the listed regions. Western South America and Central America(including Mexico) may also be under the gun. The Scotia sea area and South Sandwich Islands are active, but I don’t say much about that region because it’s a remote area. Alaska’s Aleutian Islands are under the gun right now. Even the mainland, the coast of Alaska may be having some significant activity any time now or soon. I’m not positive, but the Cascadia Subduction zone may have something serious or at least more significant some time soon if not any time now. This also includes a potential for more volcanic activity in parts of the world.

The potential for more seismic activity here in Southern California is increasing just now. There may be more earthquakes that are big enough to be felt by many people within their locations today or later this week, over the weekend, and/or on into next week. This includes other parts of California-Central and Northern California. That’s what it feels like for now.

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